Thank you for participating in Project Gift!  We are excited for you to share this experience with us at both Toomer and Hope-Hill Elementary schools!

Address of events:

Fred A Toomer Elementary School

65 Rogers St NE, Atlanta 30317


Hope-Hill Elementary School

112 Boulevard NE, Atlanta 30312

For new volunteers, the process works this way:

When you are assigned a student, you will take a blue IKEA bag, along with the student’s list of labels for each family member. The list will note the total number of points the student earned. Please help them divide the number of points amongst their family members to help gear them toward the right gifts items.

If a child has a lot of points, please steer him/her to higher priced items. These items have limited quantities. Each child can receive ONE item per family member.

Example: If a student has 100 points and buying for 4 family members, you can quickly see they need to go for gifts of 20 points and over.  Please help the children choose wisely. The # of points is meant to give guidance…if it does not total the exact amount and they have 4 great gifts, praise them for their hard work and don’t worry if they had some points they didn’t use.

As gifts are chosen, a volunteer behind the table will place them in a gift bag and put the name label on it.  Place the bag in their IKEA bag. Continue to choose a gift for the next person on his/her list.

The purpose of the program is to teach the joy of giving to others. They are buying ONE gift for each member of their family living in their household, not for themselves.  Please stress how happy they are going to make their family members with their generosity and hard work.

In an extenuating circumstance, please use your discretion.  One boy lived with his grandparents and no one else.  He was allowed to choose a toy for himself.

We know it’s hard when the child does not have enough points for everything they want, but the emphasis and motivation should be on working harder next year to earn more points!

We are so appreciative you can be with us! Feel free to reach us at:

Susie Deyo – (404) 402-5186                     Emery Bourne – (404) 245-4654

Debbie Liss – (404) 308-0985                    Louisa Zufi – (678) 371-6367