Project Gift, Inc., a 501c3, is a proven program developed in partnership with selected Atlanta city public schools.  The program began in 2008 serving 50 children.  This year, 2018,  the program will be available to more than 1,000 lower school children.

The mission is to instill a sense of dignity, pride, and achievement in each child by introducing them to the joy of earning which then provides them with the joy of giving.  It also brings together the community of the school, teacher, student, family, and volunteer to share this unique experience.

Project Gift sets up and stocks a gift shop which is open for one exciting day during the holiday season.  From the beginning of the school year, students earn daily points which are accumulated and ultimately used to purchase gifts for family members.  The school administration establishes and administers the rewarding of these points based on achieving goals of good scholarship, attendance, conduct, and citizenship.   The gift shop is staffed with Project Gift volunteers who assist the children with their shopping list.

An important aspect of Project Gift is that all the gifts purchased by the children are for their family members, not for themselves.

Project Gift is a vibrant, working model connecting the rewards of hard work to the understanding of the joy of giving to others.