Our mission is to connect a sense of personal achievement to the joys of earning and giving to others in each participating elementary school student.


Celebrating it’s 11th anniversary in 2019, Project Gift, (a 501c3) is a vibrant, working model connecting the reward of hard work to the understanding of the joy of giving to others. Project Gift was started in 2009 with the mission of creating a program connecting the joy of giving through individual endeavor and achievement. The program was initiated by Debbie Liss and Susie Deyo and their daughters Louisa Liss Zufi and Emery Deyo Bourne, all of whom have a history of being involved in community service. In partnership with Whitefoord Community Program and the Whitefoord Elementary School, an inner-city Atlanta public school, the program was designed to award daily achievement points based on attendance, good citizenship, academic achievement and personal conduct.

These points are redeemed at a one-day holiday shop in December, stocked and staffed by Project Gift volunteers. An important aspect of Project Gift is that all the gifts purchased by the children are for their family members, not for themselves.

The program, which was initiated for 50 preschool students, has now grown to accommodate over 950 lower school students at the Fred A Toomer and Hope-Hill Elementary Schools.

Funding and in-kind donations are provided by individuals, foundations, and corporations.